Various Garage Parking Aid with Different Features Offered

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Let’s face it, parking in a garage can be more difficult than it sounds. You have to get your car in the garage enough so that it clears the garage door, but not so far that you have no space in front of your car. If you store a lot in your garage, you don’t want to hit any of that either. Luckily for all of us, there are a variety of garage parking aids that can help ensure you have a perfect parking job every time. In this article we will go over the brilliant features of the garage parking aid assists lasers, sensors, and stops.

Garage Parking Aid Lasers – For those who want something that will be in no danger of getting hit by your car, or those who enjoy something that looks cool and like it belongs in a science fiction, garage parking aid lasers are the best thing you can get. Parking aid lasers are attached to the roof of your garage, and point to wherever you want your car to sit. The lasers are often set off by motion, so when your car begins to run under the laser, a beam will shoot down onto your car. You should position the laser so that you stop when the laser begins to hit your windshield. They are a small addition to your garage, and can often run off of either battery or outlet power.

Garage Parking Sensors – If lasers just aren’t your thing, many companies are selling garage parking sensors which will let you know when you are getting too close to the wall in your garage. Many sensors have different sensors so that you know when you are getting close, closer, and as close as you can get to the wall without hitting it. They are mainly battery operated, but some are ran with outlet power. They are helpful for those who want a visual cue ahead of them in order to determine how far inside of the garage to park. They are perfect for those who do not want to stop suddenly, instead relying on the gradual cues to slow.

Garage Parking Stops – If you are not a visual person, or if you want something that has no chance of running out of batteries, or failing to work properly, garage parking stops are perfect for you. You can stick them anywhere in your garage, and they work just as they do in parking lots. They will serve as a point you aim to stop at, and if you miss it, they bump into your tires, alerting you to stop. You will run into your parking stop, rather than in your things, or your walls. Parking stops are made in a variety of materials to suit anyone’s particular needs for their garage. They can also be temporarily stuck into the floor of your garage, but they can also be permanently installed into concrete or asphalt garage floorings.

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