The Ideas about the Garage Apartment Kits

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Since the global economic meltdown, many people are now looking for more and more options of simpler living arrangements. Others are adopting such living arrangements to either boost their rental income or provide housing for their college-going dependents. Anyone thinking of embracing barn apartments has nothing to worry about; garage apartment plans that contractors provide have adequate room downstairs to store and provide room for the owners to work on their cars. Besides, the finished structures have almost all amenities that a regular house has including dry walled and insulated windows, walls and entryways.

Using readily available prefab garage apartment kits, you can easily make either gable barn apartments or timber frame homes. Putting up monitor barn apartments is also possible though these need a lot more materials, which may be out the scope of many barn apartment kits. Barn apartments are not necessarily rustic, though being rustic is actually an advantage; but you can customize them to suit any lifestyle. So if you are looking for a weekend getaway or a full-time space, you can take advantage of their unfinished interiors to customize as you find appropriate. Largely, garage apartments and barn homes offer warmth that is only characteristic of mountain lodges; the fact that they offer this in a time-efficient and economical package is a real upside.

Gable barn apartments are the most popular of the three common garage apartments and barn homes. They fit many applications such as a caretaker’s residence, recreational room or man cave, mother-in-law apartment, guest quarter, barn-dominium or you can convert one into a permanent residence. It can also serve as a temporary residence while you are constructing or remodeling the main house. You can then convert it into a home office once you are done with the construction project. Gable barn apartments are preferable because of their adaptability as this makes future remodeling assignments hassle-free.

Monitor barn apartments are a bit more imposing as opposed to gable barn and garage apartments. These have taller roof pitches and sidewalls as well as enhanced loft heights. Because of this haymaker design, this structures offer more garage room as well as spacious living quarters especially within the central loft. Most garage kits used to construct monitor barn apartments have large clerestory windows. This translates to very airy living quarters.

Timber frame homes feature very bold timber frame interiors. Like gable barn apartments, timber frame homes design also factor in the possibilities of customization as such, come with unfinished interiors. This allows for creativity and personalization. In most instances, these come with non-bearing interior walls and standard floor plans to allow for even further customization options. The choices of materials used in timber frame homes’ exterior vary depending on preference. However, tongue and groove and log style exterior sidings are common especially when used in combination with cedar boards or batten on the gable ends.

Besides creating wonderful garages and living quarters, garage kits can help you make sturdy structures to house a business or hobby. The ease with which you can customize these kits makes it easy for them to conform and house almost anything you want.

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