The Easy Steps for Insulating Garage Door

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Garages are important to any house, or home for that matter. They deserve proper attention and maintenance, stand-alone garages included. The single most important benefit of proper maintenance lies in its ability to enhance substantially, the value of your garage and by extension, your home. Properly maintained garages are also a lot secure. Garage door maintenance gives it the best alignment and improves its efficiency. It also closes gaps so bugs do not get entryways into the garage and your home. Garage door weather stripping, one of the easiest maintenance processes, involves sealing openings in said doors so they can best endure the effects of the elements.

Advantages of weather stripping – Keeps wind-driven rain out – Gusts during rains do direct rainwater into every possible place. If you have gaps in your garage door then you will have paddles of water on your garage floor soon after the rains. Using insulating garage door panels or any other reliable weather stripping kits help seal these gaps and keep water away.

Reduces maintenance costs – Garage doors peeling off at the edges are common especially due to extreme heat or during the rains. This can result in heavy renovation and maintenance costs if the damage goes unaddressed. Fortunately, garage door weather stripping materials help keep the rain out and your garage floor dry. This cuts down on the costs of maintenance and enhances the door’s longevity.

Keep bugs out of your garage – Bugs will always crawl into every place they can. If the weather conditions outdoors become unfavorable, they will try to invade your home. Insulating garage door kit helps you seal the doors properly to eliminate the cracks that bugs may use to enter into your garage. The door seals that make up these kits cover the perimeter edge of your door and other places likely to have small gaps or spaces that can let bugs in.

Some of the common insects that find garage environment attractive include cockroaches, wasps and ants; definitely not the kind of company you want at home. While roaches and ants may be disease vectors, wasp stings are dangerous to children, and even adults in certain instances.

Weather stripping tips – Up-and-over garage doors seal well at the foot. However, they can do well with added weather stripping to close all the gaps so no bug can enter. Moreover, garages with swing doors as alternative entryways should have such doors sealed as well. It is common construction practice for stand-alone garages too to have smaller side doors as well as large up-and-over main doors to facilitate easy human access. Such doors usually have cracks and gaps especially around the edges as such, could use some sealing.

Adding an aluminum threshold to the bottom of these access doors keeps bugs away. You may also want to add door sweeps in case you need extra assurance. Using a nylon brush sweep in combination with the aluminum threshold will keep virtually every bug at bay.

While weather stripping’s main intention is to help counter the effects of the elements, gusts, rains or other weather processes bring with them other results; bugs are a good example. You can have a bird feeder close by your garage door to lure birds who will then feed on the bugs. It also is a cheaper way of inviting the chirping of the birds to your home.

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