Pre Built Garage: The Modular Garage for Your Home

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Pre built garage, or sometimes called pre-fab or modular garage, becomes the alternative of garage that many people choose nowadays. This garage is separated from the house building. It is constructed by vinyl or wood. It can be made with or without floor. The sizes are various, depends on how many cars you expect to be parked in the garage. Ideally, a garage for a car is 12×24 meters. By having that size, you still have some leftover room for the garage cabinets and bicycle or motorcycle. The door for the garage is usually the sliding door.

This kind of garage brings more benefits rather than the permanent garage. First, this garage is a portable garage. You can move this garage everywhere. Second, this garage is suitable for all types of building, from the home, office, music studio, rental, and even hunting cabin. Third, the process of building the garage does not take long time. It just require few hours. Fourth, the price of the garage building is fairly cheap. Last, it only needs few people to build it.

You can complete and decorate the pre built garage with several features. Use the colored-plywood for the wall and roof. Add the side door and some windows which are painted with the suitable color to the plywood color. You may decorate the garage with some garage signs. If you need to keep things in the garage, shop the garage cabinets.  By having all of them, you can have the great pre built garage at your home.

20 Photos of the Pre Built Garage: The Modular Garage for Your Home