Need for the Garage Parking Stop

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You probably have seen tennis balls hanging on strings in a good number of garages and wondered what possible function they serve. Well, as Neanderthal as this may seem, these are very effective in assisting drivers to park in the very same spots each day. However, there are far better parking aids you can install and that do not have to come off as creepy. Some very functional and completely conventional parking aids include ultrasonic garage parking sensors, garage parking stop signs/ flashing LED parking signs, parking mats, parking stop and garage lasers.

Garage parking stop – This is a simple and inexpensive device, which surprisingly, is very effective. All you need to do is set it up appropriately in the garage floor and you are done. Every time you want to park, just pull up slowly towards the stop, when your tires bump gently on it, you know you have gotten to the perfect parking spot. The parking stop is easy to install. Most of the brands available have an adhesive back that you peel and stick on to the floor.

Much as the parking stop is effective, it may be a trip hazard in the garage especially if you use the space occasionally for projects that needs a lot of floor room. Its adhesive back may also come loose. This however, is easy to fix, as you only need to add more glue. Garage parking stop Lowes dealerships sell fall in this category.

Garage parking mat – The parking mat is a lot like the parking stop only it has tiny bumps that send a tactile feedback indicating when the driver gets to the appropriate parking spot. It especially is great with drivers who are apprehensive about rolling over the regular parking stop. Just as the parking spot, this too is very easy to install and presents just the same drawbacks as its regular counterpart.

Flashing LED parking sign – This is another mechanical garage parking assist. It works by flashing a LED light when you gently bump on to the stick that supports stop sign. Unlike the parking mat and the parking stop, it is easily movable, as you do not have to stick it on the floor. You as such, can take it off the floor after parking. It is tall enough (about four feet) so you can comfortably use it to park all sorts of cars, SUVs included. You can also see it from the back window, which is especially great if you prefer backing your vehicle into the garage.

Ultrasonic parking sensors – This garage parking assist has two components: A sensing unit that indicates if you are close to the parking spot and a light indicator that indicates appropriately. If you get to the appropriate parking spot, the sensor sends the information to the lighting component, which indicates by flashing a red sign so you can stop. Green means you are still far of the parking stop while yellow means you are almost.

Garage parking laser – These work by sensing cars as they pull into the garage. From their position on the ceiling, this action activates a laser beam, which shines down into the car. When the laser beam works its way to a predetermined spot on the vehicle, then the driver knows s/he is in the appropriate spot.

20 Photos of the Need for the Garage Parking Stop