Man-Tastic Garage Man Cave Ideas

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If you are one of those men who desperately needs a place to call their own, the most viable option is usually to turn the garage into your own personal man cave. If you have a two-car garage, you can even convert half of it to your man cave and leave the other half as is. If you do not have a garage or find that you need to keep your existing garage as-is, you can also consider purchasing a garage kit to use as your man cave. Whichever choice you make, you can easily turn a serviceable garage into a man cave that is the envy of all of your friends.

Clear Some Space – If you are using an existing garage, the first thing you have to do when turning it into a man cave is to clear some room. Get rid of all of the junk you have been hanging onto for years and find storage space for the things you can’t get rid of. If you need a little extra money to help create your man cave, consider having a yard sale. This will help you de-clutter and earn a little extra cash!

If you have made the decision to use a two-car garage kit as your man cave, you can purchase one at a home improvement store like Menards or Home Depot. Then you have a blank slate and can start work on the man cave immediately.

Create a Warm Atmosphere – And we mean this literally! If you are going to be spending any amount of time in your man cave, you are going to have to make sure your garage or garage kit is well-insulated. There is nothing worse than sitting in your man cave freezing as the winter wind blows in! A thick layer of insulation followed by drywall and paint can make the world of difference in how comfortable your man cave is. Carpet will also help retain the heat as well as create a cozy look.

Additionally, you want to make sure you have an adequate heating and air conditioning system (if you live in an area where summers are hot). Without this, you might as well keep your garage as a place to store those lawn tools because you won’t be able to stand to be in it!

Decorate – If you are like most men, you probably already have a collection of memorabilia that has been simply waiting for a place to be displayed. If not, decorating your man cave gives you a great excuse to go buy some! Choose items that reflect your personality and provide a comfortable place. This includes furniture that you can put your feet on and of course a television!

Whether you go for a pre-fab garage kit that you have purchased and built yourself or converted your existing garage, with some work you can easily make the transition from garage to man cave. Once you do, the only thing left is to invite the guys over and enjoy it.

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