Garage Remote Control: A Simple Way for Automatic Garage

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Manual garage doors are becoming obsolete, and justifiably so. The trendy pace of technology is bringing even better and more convenient fixtures, like automatic electric garage doors. These not only give you added convenience; they also enhance the value of your home. However, electric garage doors need remote control to function properly. As every garage remote control craftsman will tell you, there are many of these available so a little bit of information can help you know what exactly suits your needs. Various characteristics that put them apart include their drive-system, power, safety, controls, keypads and mini remotes, portability and placement.

  1. Drive

There are four main kinds of electric garage door drives; belt, screw, chain and computer drives. Belt-drive doors are becoming popular because of the smooth motion. Screw-drive systems on the other hand, use rudimentary lift mechanisms that slide the door along metal steel rods. Chain-drive systems, the most basic of all these systems, are also the least expensive, loudest and chunkiest. Computer drives are the latest and most sophisticated. When buying a garage door remote, it is beneficial to understand the mechanics of the door in question.

  1. Power

Your choice of remote control operates your garage door drive. However, your garage door drive requires power. When out shopping, ensure you choose an appropriate motor that will not find the instructions that the remote control feeds it, a tad demanding. Improper matching of garage doors and motors will most likely result in faults. Moreover, people who are weary of noise should insist on soft-starting motors, as these are responsive and durable.

  1. Safety

Garage doors are very dangerous fixtures and can wreck serious havoc if used inappropriately. You probably have heard of countless horror stories of these fixtures crushing items and leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. While many doors now come with added safety features like built-in beams, certain remote control devices may decrease the efficacy of these features. It is important to consider this when out shopping.

  1. Keypads, controls and mini-remotes

The most common remote control is the single button device, which opens both close and open functions on single speed doors. There however are other devices with two or more buttons. Such, allow for multi-function control and can control more than one door. With the advent of technology, such functionalities are now available even in phones; garage remote control iPhone app is an excellent example.

Keypads are just as helpful. Many brands are appropriate for wall mounting when not in use. Aside from these, electronic locking functions are just as essential to consider when shopping for a remote control. Though these come as extras, they are important in adding an extra layer of security to your garage.

  1. Placement and portability

How you carry garage door remote control may be of lesser importance but it still is critical. There are four ways of carrying and accessing your remote, these are keychain, wallet chain, in-car mount or wall mount.

A garage offers the ultimate car security but this takes a lot more than just packing and leaving your car. A secure garage must have efficient controls and operations. There is a great diversity of brands with garage remote control LiftMaster dealers stock being probably the largest. It pays to check with them.

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