Garage Organization Plans to Tidy up Your Garage

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Aside from parking cars, more than 90% of homeowners relegate their garages to dumping grounds for keeping misplaced objects, less-needed implements and miscellaneous tools. These figures are worrying considering that vast majority of these homeowners do not know how to reclaim this vital space. Well, for such homeowners, these simple garage organization ideas can come in handy.

Reclaim your car space – Carport clutter can drive even the coolest person mad. You however, need not to worry as you can easily reclaim your parking space. The trick is to utilize the walls to rid the floor of clutter. Securely mounted pegboards for instance, can accommodate almost all your tools – hoses, rakes and even wheelbarrows, getting them off the floor and out of your way. Such garage organization systems also help you keep all your tools in a presentable manner where you can easily access them. Aside from the various garage cabinet options that exist, you can also use rows of shelves mounted above the doorway as well as on the wall just above the car hood. Do ensure though, that you secure bulkier items kept here using bungee cords.

Maximize on overhead storage – Easy-to-install rack units, wooden shelves, loft-like storage arrangements or any other garage shelves plans for that matter, are ideal for keeping seasonal household items such as outdoor gear or holiday décor. Use bins or boxes, label them appropriately, and corral sports and outdoor gear so whoever needs to can pick up of drop them off as needed. Scooters and bikes on the other hand, are safe beneath these garage shelves. Have a sturdy stepladder or stool for shelves installed just beneath the garage roof so you can easily access whatever you keep up there.

Use the garage space functionally – If you can carve out enough space, set up enough floor room for your DIY projects and any repairs you may want accomplished. For DIY enthusiasts, this can be any surface such as a counter-height table or a rolling cart complete with wheel locks. For people who prefer to keep things simple, a complete set of sawhorses coming with a board or countertop will do just fine.

Keep this working station clear and ensure you use the nearby garage organization systems to your advantage to help you keep all the required supplies in convenient reach. If you prefer, you can mount a pegboard over the working surface and pull an adjustable stool so your workstation is comfortable for everybody. A small fan and sturdy task lamp will complete the entire set up and make your DIY station ergonomic in every aspect.

Install park assists – If you have new storage cabinets installed then keep parking assists so you do not smash into these cabinets, especially if you have them installed at the back. DIY garage organization ideas that can help with this include the traditional tennis ball tied on a rope hanging from the ceiling to help indicate the rightful parking spot. Do ensure the garage is safe while at it. If you keep, dangerous chemicals in the house then ensure they are in well-ventilated and securely lockable cabinets.

20 Photos of the Garage Organization Plans to Tidy up Your Garage