Garage Makeover Ideas to Get an Updated Look for Your Garage

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Many people, who have attempted DIY garage makeover or any other form of garage makeover for that matter, easily agree that you can transform almost any kind of garage into a utilitarian space that is both comfortable and stylish. The only drawback is that vast majority still consider the garage as nothing more than a room for parking cars and storing items like Christmas decorations, wheelbarrows and rakes that make a show only occasionally. Using these few tips however, you can transform any garage into a highly functional space in your home.

Create zones – Garage organization is far easier if you designate zones. One of these should be for your cars, one for your workshop or gym or whatever else you use your garage for and the last zone is for kicking back. Each zone should then have smart garage cabinets or any appropriate storage to keep your tools as well as other garage items, out of sight. Many kinds of storage cabinet serve different purposes. Settle for one that aptly meets your needs and styling desires. All these zones can be functional in an open plan idea because they naturally stand apart from one another due to their functions and furnishing.

Make the garage space work for you – After creating functional zones, the key purpose of renovation should now proceed into creating a comfortable working or livable space depending on your needs. If the garage is a man cave by any chance, the choice of garage flooring too is important. More importantly though, make a workbench that is large enough to hold all your tools of trade. Do ensure you install adequate lighting as well as enough power outlets to run all your tools efficiently. The garage cabinets you opt for should most preferably be of on-wall open type so your tools are visible but neatly stacked.

Climate – Insulation is particularly important so that your garage is warm during winter. Garage renovation ideas that advocate for insulation incorporate exposed beams that are easy to roll and cover up even with sheetrock. Alternatively, insulation is possible using foam that you spray behind the walls. Small garages with minimal square footage can use simple space heaters, gas-powered forced-hot-air heaters, or freestanding air-con units.

Flooring – Garage floors in better shape can improve even with good paintwork. Otherwise, comprehensive garage renovation ideas may incorporate other garage flooring options. Depending on the needs, concrete, rubber and epoxy are great choices. Regardless of your choice, give the floor a good power washing and fill existing cracks with mortar repair compound or any other appropriate treatment. If you are painting then you will need to check if etching is necessary as this will determine if the paint sticks or not.

Plumbing – Most garages have a water line running underneath. Such are easy to splice to create a bar or utility sink. Because the function of such a sink amounts to nothing much other than rinsing martini glasses and beer mugs, even a cold water line works just fine. Aside from these, consider stretching your home’s Wi-Fi hotspot to cover your garage.

20 Photos of the Garage Makeover Ideas to Get an Updated Look for Your Garage