Garage Hanging Storage to Store Neatly

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Organizing your garage is one of the best gifts you can give yourself as the festive season approaches. And, it is quite relieving to know that most DIY garage hanging storage ideas you need, take an hour or less to implement. Yet, these storage ideas can help rid your garage floor forever of clatter. Some of the great ideas include suspended shelves, a bike lift and ladder rack as well as a wheelbarrow holder.

Making suspended shelving is a simple six-process venture. You start of by getting the right dimensions, which include the distance between the raised garage door and the ceiling top. After which, you build three similar shelf supports then align the shelves’ side supports before pre-drilling and screwing each of the supports into the center of the trusses. Cut plywood of about half an inch and attach these to the shelf support. These form the garage overhead storage’s base. Suspended shelving is great for holding light stuff. Do take caution not to overload the shelves at any one time.

Building bicycle lifts is just as easy. Moreover, it is the most efficient way of getting your bikes off the garage floor. It is even better that there are many kinds of already assembled lift hardware. Get and attach such hardware to the center of the ceiling trusses using the screws that accompany the said hardware. Measure appropriate heights (preferably a height out of children’s reach) and mount the lift’s safety rope cleat into a nearby wall stud. Follow this by wrapping the cord securely around the cleat. The cords help secure your bike in place. You can add a pulley system to the whole setup if you have a heavy bike that takes a lot more energy to lift.

Tucking extension ladders on brackets embedded on garage walls is a lot more convenient. This however limits the storage possibilities such walls can provide. Overhead or suspended ladder extension offers an out of the way storage that is safe and very easy to set up. Start by building two identical brackets. Screw both of these to the ceiling trusses or joists to secure them. The spacing of the brackets should be such that the ladders extend at least 1 ft. beyond each bracket. You can choose to add a bungee cord around the ladder and at least one bracket.

On-the-wall wheelbarrow storage is another very practical DIY garage hanging storage idea. This is because wheelbarrows take the most space, are awkward, heavy and can cause injuries if you stumble upon them. Yet, making a great garage storage space for your wheelbarrow requires just two brackets. Start by marking your wall at the height corresponding to the front lip of the wheelbarrow. Screw the lower bracket in a wall stud just 1 inch below this mark. Now swing your wheelbarrow up and mark height corresponding to the other lip and screw the rightful bracket in this marked height. Getting the wheelbarrow in place is as easy as lifting it into the lower bracket and swinging it into the latching upper bracket.

20 Photos of the Garage Hanging Storage to Store Neatly