Garage Floor Ideas to Create Nice Garage

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At the mention of flooring options, most peoples’ minds race to ideas about polished hardwood they would love for their dining rooms or the classic nicely shaped tiles they would prefer in their bathrooms. Some even dream about the evocative Mediterranean tiles they can almost see in their kitchen floors. It is only in few, that flooring ideas evoke thoughts about the garage. This is especially sad considering the garage is very important.

This room however has unique demands, so when you get to thinking up garage flooring systems or options; you may want to ensure you pick the best possible option. One of the toughest and probably the best option remains garage floor epoxy. Epoxy’s suitability transforms your garage floor into a beautiful yet very functional space. This is very apt considering that garages are now turning into very versatile home spaces. The benefits of applying epoxy include:

Beauty and durability – Epoxy is a thermosetting resin applied to the floor as a coating. You make it by mixing a part each of epoxide resin and polyamine hardener. This hardener is the catalyst that gives epoxy its strength. Epoxy cures through an exothermic process that result in a strong polymer structure. This is the reason epoxy is durable, beautiful and very resilient to chipping, surface abrasion, stain, chemicals and impacts. Moreover, a thicker coating covers minor imperfections such as flaws in the concrete as well as small spider cracks. Epoxy flooring also adds life and brightness to your garage.

Moisture resistant – Unlike many other garage flooring systems, epoxy is a topical coating that is moisture resistant. This is great news for inhabitants of snowy climates because road salts and icy brine will collect over winter; and it is far easier cleaning these of epoxy flooring than garage floor tiles or any other garage flooring option for that matter. All you need is a little mild soapy water. Cleaning other dirt agents like debris and dust is as easy as clearing them away with just a slight sweep of a soft broom on the dry floor.

Anti-dusting – Epoxy is a topical sealer and an anti-dusting. A lot of the dust generated in the garage floor comes from cement floor shedding off or wood wearing out. Traffic on bare concrete is enough to kick up a substantial amount of dust that will unfortunately settle on your car, storage cabinets and tool benches with some even seeping into the house.

Stain and chemical resistant – Garage floor epoxy is better than any flooring idea you may think of. Not any one of the many garage floor paint ideas come close. It is stain and chemical resistant as such, brake fluids, oil, gasoline, anti-freeze as well as other caustic car chemicals are easy to wipe off even if they sit for extended periods. Moreover, wrenches, jack stands, jacks, rolling toolboxes and even falling bikes will not cause damage to the floor.

Like garage floor paint ideas, epoxy too exists in many color options. You can even blend these to meet your exact needs and preference. Garage floor tiles now have a serious competition where beauty is the bottom line.

20 Photos of the Garage Floor Ideas to Create Nice Garage