Garage Cabinets Lowes: Recommended Cabinets

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If you have a junk pile on your garage floor then you most probably are praying for a time when this will turn itself into an organized piece of floor space. While this statement is essentially a good example of a dream, Lowes garage cabinet systems can almost magically help you rid your garage floor of clatter and make decent room for your cars. They also help you eliminate booby traps that may trip you over. However, before embarking on anything as ambitious as buying and installing garage cabinets, you need to figure out the right systems and plan in terms of the quality and quantity of cabinets you need.

Available options – Choosing the right garage cabinet is a lot different from making the same pick for kitchen units. This is because there is quite a diverse range of choices out there. The kind of garage cabinets Home Depot sells has features that fall in five major categories, which are off the floor and in the wall construction plans, rolling and corner cabinets as well as modular and cabinet combination plans.

Off the floor construction – Refers to cabinets that have mounts on the floor acting as pedestals or legs upon which these cabinets rest. These pedestals raise the cabinets off the ground so they are safe from spilled liquid and water.

Rolling Cabinets – These borrow from off-the-floor concept but have casters and wheels that allow you to move them to wherever you want them. Most have locking mechanisms to keep them in place once set. Garage fabricators make these rolling cabinets that fit in most transportation containers. They as such are easy to move from location to locations as well.

In-The-Wall Cabinets – There remains an innovation that many garage fabricators perfect; it fits inside studs of many unfinished garages and available in various heights. It is preferred as an apt option especially in many small garages. Most garage cabinets Ikea stocks have this feature.

Modular and cabinet combination kits – Modular cabinets afford you the liberty to use various cabinet pieces such as wall and base boxes all at once. They have various attachment schemes that make it easy to mix and match various plans to end up with cabinets that best suit your storage needs. These garage cabinets are however not many a DIY enthusiasts’ cup of coffee since the installation demands are too complex.

Cabinet combination kits are a lot similar to modular cabinets. They however, come a lot more completed and include pre-established setups that have both wall and base cabinets. You thus have the option of choosing from among different configurations and styles to end up with a unit that best suits your storage needs as well as available space.

Corner cabinets – These fit mainly in dead spaces like garage corners. Because they mainly take up dead space, they are the epitome of space and storage efficiency.

Unless you are worried about aesthetic appeal, you really need not care how garage cabinets look. They are very standard in most instances. Options do however range from old and used units to shiny new units. Garage cabinets Sears sell covers the entire spread, from low cost to high-end units. You choice as such, should reflect the intended purpose, your budget as well as the environment around your home.

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