Double Garage Door for Large Garage

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Many homeowners, who have never bought garage doors before have in the process of time, collected a good number of myths. It is sad that a good proportion of them take these myths for the gospel truth. For this lot of homeowners, the common myths concern the truth about door openers, double garage door dimensions, the suitability of carriage house doors, need for insulation as well as the cost of garage installation. This narrative sets the record straight.

Double garage door dimensions – Double garage door sizes are standard and measure 16 by 7 feet, 14 by 7 feet and 12 by 7 feet. Such doors are suitable for garages that accommodate either bigger or multiple cars. It now is possible to find double garage doors that are 20 feet wide and even narrower doors especially those meant for ATV or gold carts. Generally, garage doors have grown bigger just as garages too have. Many families now see the importance of having a combination of protected storage as well as workspace. The extra garage space as such, becomes a home office.

Buying door openers – Buying garage door openers usually amount to a separate purchase that in normal instances differ from the garage door purchase. However, while the double garage door opener is not part of the garage door price, many door sellers do sell these openers and can avail this as a normal offer or give you a wholesome package if you ask. However, do ensure you ask if the price is inclusive of the opener and its installation.

Insulation – Most garage doors lack a heating system as such; affect your home’s energy consumption and efficiency. However, door construction materials as well as insulation technologies for the said doors have seen substantial improvements. Contemporary doors now offer better protection against the elements. If you have an attached garage, do opt for an insulated door, as this will help you cut on both utility bills and noise, more so if you have a living quarter above the said garage.

Safety factors – Because of their sizes, most garage doors have less impressive safety factors. They are a lot more susceptible to gust damage compared to other exterior openings. To make them strong to withstand extreme winds and other harsh effects of the elements, they need heavier gauge tracking, additional bracing and any other necessary hardware. Homeowners buying new doors should go for units that are storm ready and probably have built-in reinforcement system that requires little or no advance set up in the onset of the storm. Do also consider the general direction of the door. If it faces the sun or gets to bear the effects of gusts a lot often then you would need it insulated to help regulate interior temperatures.

Sticking with the right kind – It pays to know exactly the kind of door suits your needs. Many people for instance, put off buying carriage house doors because they assume that these more room than they have available. Knowing the proper mechanism will help you determine the space you need and the right kind of door to install. Carriage house doors for instance, only look like swing up doors but actually open by moving up or down a standard track.

20 Photos of the Double Garage Door for Large Garage