Different Type of Bike Rack Garage

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For those who like to bike, you know that storing them can be a real hassle sometimes. They are big, and don’t easily and safely store. You don’t want to damage what may have been a large investment on your part. Garage bike rack storage does not need to be tight, damaging, and inefficient. It can be creative, fun, and most importantly safe for your bike. In this article we will go over several different garage bike rack styles – ceiling bike racks, DIY bike racks, floor bike racks, and wall mounted bike racks, all of which can be easily found online and in stores.

Bike Rack Garage: Ceiling – For those with limited garage space, the ceiling is the perfect answer to who you can store your bike. Even for those who already have ceiling storage units, bike racks can be attached. They can be as lightweight as PVC piping or roping, for those who like DIY projects, or they can be premade and ready to install as soon as they come out of the box. Bikes can lay flat on top of the rack, or they can hang on the rack, depending on the style.

Bike Rack Garage: DIY – For those who are more creative, or who like to build things themselves, there are many options for you to choose from. Many people use their shelving as a DIY bike rack, and add hooks to beneath the shelving and hang their bikes from there. It is easy to build a traditional bike rack for those with more space to give up in their garage. DIY garage bike racks can be as extravagant and simple as you can create and image. You can utilize any materials that you already have within your home, and adapt them to a unique and effective bike rack.

Bike Rack Garage: Floor – People recognize the traditional floor bike rack almost immediately. It is the bike rack that is located at schools, malls, and work locations all over the country. But the tradition floor rack is big, bulky, and requires a lot of space. It is very effective, if you can spare the space. But floor racks can be much more than that. You can have a pole rack stuck into the ground to hold your bikes, or you can experiment with different materials, whatever will make your project fit your project.

Bike Rack Garage: Wall Mount – Wall mounted bike rakes for your garage are some of the most popular, because they are efficient and space saving. You can hang as many bikes as you have wall space for, and in any ways that you can think of. Wall mounts require minimal materials to install, so you will not have to drill a lot of holes into your walls, or damage then in any way in order to install them. They keep your bikes safe, and allow for easy car access, and the storage of other items in your garage.

20 Photos of the Different Type of Bike Rack Garage