Cool Garage Ideas Look So Charming

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What are the coolest garage ideas? – Building a new garage does not have to mean that it will be boring, and used only for practical storage users. Modern garages can be exciting and fun places for you and your family to hang out. There are many cool garage accessories that can take your garage to the next level. Whether your interest is in mechanics, man caves, or entertainment, there are a huge variety of cool garage stuff that can accomplish any goals you have for your garage.

Cool Garage Ideas: Plans – The first thing that you need to do to create an exciting and cool garage is to plan it out, whether than means building your garage, or planning out what you already have built. Each plan will be unique to your personal preference. For the avid collector, you will want to have something that will give you the room that you need to completely store and present your prized collections of things. If you want to have a mini car show room, you will want to plan out enough space for your car, or cars, and all of your mechanical accessories. Planning the space you will need for your garage is vital to the overall look and satisfaction you will receive from it.

Cool Garage Ideas: Storage – Organizing your garage in a way that is both practical and exciting can be difficult. It takes a lot of creative imagination and though to truly bring a garage out of the drab, and into cool. Some of the most creative and innovative ideas for your cool garage are ones that you can do with materials you already have in your home.

  • Magnetic strips on wood panels for holding your tools. If you do not have these materials in your home, they are not expensive to buy. You can store drill bits, nails, screws, even wrenches if you need to. They can be applied wherever you have space in your garage.
  • Glass jars that drill into the bottoms of your shelves can serve as easy, smart, and effective organization of your many screws and other small hardware tools. You can use recycled peanut butter jars, for example, and drill the lids into the bottom of your shelving units.
  • If you are sorely lacking storage, or require additional storage, why not try the ceiling? Suspended shelves can be easily made with a few pieces fop plywood and brackets that can be drilled into the ceiling for smart and effective storage.
  • Hanging shoe racks can be used for so much more than just shoes. In your garage you can hand them on walls hat will be able to store anything that you can think of, from spray paint cans, to garden tools to drills.

These are but of a few exciting and interesting ideas that you can use to update your garage. Organization and cleanliness does not have to be boring and ordinary. The limits of your garage are only as far as you can imagine.

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