Considering the Garage Door Dimensions

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Are you constructing your dream home, or probably contemplating remodeling but do not want to delegate customization of your garage to the contractor? If this is your situation right now then you probably are also wondering if there are standard garage doors dimensions and if so, then what they are. There are a number of garage dimensions and these are conventionally lumped together into four main sizes. These are single, double, Recreational Vehicle (RV) and commercial garage door sizes.

Single garage door size – A standard single garage door measures 10 by 7 feet, 9 by 7 feet and 8 by 7 feet. It is ideal for regular homes that need garage space for just a single car, sports utility vehicle, van or small truck. Generally, the measurements above describe one car garage door dimensions, which are not suitable for households owning a large vehicle that need to accommodate a multiple number of cars. Bobtails, RVs and large trucks usually do not fit in such garage doors. Similarly, you need a bigger space if you plan on using the garage space to store other items as well.

Double garage door dimensions – The standard measurements of these garage sizes are 16 by 7 feet, 14 by 7 feet and 12 by 7 feet all round. As the name suggests, these garage doors are appropriate for garage spaces that can accommodate a multiple number of cars or bigger vehicles. Contractors and garage kits suppliers offer these dimensions for both single and double garages. It as such, is valuable information to have when you are considering constructing a new home or remodeling. This helps ensure that you end up with adequate garage space for your current needs and future adjustments, should such be necessary. Generally, 2 car garage door dimensions factor in a lot more space and cover more space needs compared to single garage door dimensions even without much customization.

Recreational Vehicle garage door dimensions – RVs require a lot more parking space than smaller cars. Standard single garage door sizes for instance, need to have a height of 8 feet and width of 16 feet. The ceiling height for such a garage need be at least 9 feet. Whether you are remodeling or embarking on a new construction project, ensure your plans factor in the need to provide adequate parking space for your RV. Because RVs have unique accommodation needs, ensure the space reserved, adequately addresses the said need. You should communicate this with your contractor and architect to ensure that the design and constructions meets all your parking and storage specifications.

Commercial garage door dimensions – A standard commercial garage door size measures 32 feet by 24 feet but every organization or business can customize this depending on the sizes of the trucks in their fleet. Businesses also need to take into account trucks that deliver to them. Commercial garage door dimensions however take a lot more planning. You need to consider if you will need to park several trucks simultaneously as well as provide for extra space so trucks can move around freely and securely. Of essence however, is that your choice of a garage door size should factor in your present and future needs. You decision as such, should factor in your aspirations.

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