Choosing the Kind of Garage Bike Racks

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Getting from place to place, using a bike is not only environmentally friendly; it also is a health-conscious means of traversing city streets as well as the open countryside. The contemporary home plans and layouts as such, need to offer innovative ways of stowing bikes to the increased number of people who are embracing biking. There are various safe and secure models of indoor bike storage racks. These include gravity racks, standard floor-mounted racks as well as vertical mounts.

When choosing a particular garage bike rack to install, it is important to consider certain factors such as available space in the garage, the number of bikes a household owns as well as the convenience of using the said bike rack. Most garage bike racks stands available fit situations where space is limited while floor racks may be apt for people with many bikes and not so little garage space. Almost all walls qualify as garage bike racks wall because every wall has an appropriate rack that fits it just perfectly.

What kind of bike rack fits your garage?

Floor mounted racks – Floor mounted racks for garage bike storage come in a variety of forms and styles. They can be concrete or made from tubular steel frames or recycles plastic. Most floor-mounted racks accommodate many bikes. These racks help create order in your garage and prevent the bikes from tipping over and scratching your car. They are easy to fix, the kind that DIY enthusiasts consider a ‘stroll in the park’.

Wall mounted racks – these can attach to literally every kind of wall surface including steel, masonry or wood walls. Wall mounted racks offer ideal solutions to situations where garage space is limited. Most of these hold the bikes off the floor helping you reclaim your garage space while protecting the bikes from scratches, nicks and accidents. Moreover, the space beneath the rack can store other items. These racks take just a small portion of the wall. Most of them come with additional components you can easily attach to create even bigger storage space without compromising the rack’s safety.

Gravity stands – these are one-piece (in most instances) crack arms made of cast aluminum. They lean against the wall as such, require no attachment. Gravity stands have independently adjustable arms that help accommodate almost any kind of bike. Most of these have padded arms to protect the bike from scratches while their durable powder coat finish gives them an aesthetic appeal helping beautify your garage space. These indoor bike storage racks are apt for cramped garages or such similar interior places with limited space. Gravity stands are much more stable, attractive, easy to assemble and easily adjustable. They are also reasonably priced especially because their design is less elaborate.

Garage bike racks offer a lot more than just help you reclaim parking space. They help avoid accidents in your garage and while minimizing unnecessary jumping over the bikes when trying to maneuver your way in the garage. They also help you protect your car from unnecessary dents and nicks all the while ensuring you safely store your bike without worrying about the effects of the weather if your bikes remained out in the garden.

20 Photos of the Choosing the Kind of Garage Bike Racks