Attached Garage Plans Ideas

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Are you considering a garage addition, maybe to make enough room for your new car acquisition? Well, the most important thing to do at this point is identify the smartest features your new garage should have. The vast majority of attached garage addition plans include these but it’s worth mentioning here that you need to factor in enough room to move around, some basic working surface and enough simple storage systems. If budget is an issue, do not go for an exaggerated display-style carport, as this will most definitely break the bank. Instead, do a little prior planning. Proper planning eases the process of adding smart and useful details that eventually improve the functionality of your garage and help you identify means of keeping the cost of the project within the budget.

Some great ideas of achieving the above include emphasizing layout and design, walls and floors, power and lighting, adequate workplace as well as storage solutions. The essential aspects of layout and design that you should consider and that attached 2 car garage plans stress include standard truss roofing, convenient doorways, appealing exterior windows and floors with enough clearance room. Using standard trusses to hold your roof is economical but this design may block storage space you would otherwise create in the attic. You can however opt for storage trusses, which are easy to fit with shelves. Consider adding to the main car door, a door to your yard so you do not have to open the overhead door every time you want something from the yard.

Your windows should accentuate your exterior’s beauty while letting in adequate natural light. Large sized vinyl windows work great especially when fitted with insulated glass. Attached garage apartment plans also incorporate such. Floor space should allow for either four or five feet between your parking spot and the wall. This offers enough clearance to board and exit and even creates surplus room to install storage cabinets that are easy to access. If space allows, consider adding a couple feet. This will significantly increase functional space without necessarily denting your bank account. Installing simple storage solutions will increase the garage’s value without hiking reconstruction costs. Plastic or metal storage shelves can work just as great. If your plan includes a high garage then you can consider garage wall panels as well.

You can turn the extra room on the back wall of the garage into a small workshop. For this, install a 2-foot-deep countertop to act as a workbench. For additional storage, you may consider recycling cabinets from the kitchen or get fresh ideas from stores selling building materials. Minimalists can also consider rolling in bins, boxes or casters in the space under the counter. Power and lighting is also essential as such, install circuits for interior, exterior and outlets and energy efficient fluorescent tubes for lighting. Attached garage walls on the other hand, need to meet fire codes. You will therefore need to add about half an inch thick drywall on the side closest to the house. The door needs to be fire-rated while the floor can do with epoxy coating or good garage floor tiles.

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